WSU Steve Jones & The Bread Lab

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The Bread Lab is a grains research center and economic revival hub directed by Dr. Stephen Jones of Washington State University in the Skagit Valley just 70 miles north of Seattle. Recognized nationally and internationally, the research from the Bread Lab has helped to facilitate connections between farmers, millers, malters, bakers, and brewers to work together to keep dough - literally and figuratively - in the Skagit Valley. This is unprecedented in today’s global economy where most farmers across the nation sell grain for the lowest common price to companies that ship their product all over the world.

When grains are grown for a local market the public benefits are many: it allows farmers to grow unusual and long forgotten grains that are nutrient-rich and make for delicious, nutritious and more exciting food and beverages; it encourages rebuilding infrastructure and distribution networks to mill and malt those grains; and it supports local, small business owners, keeping the money in the region.

Dr. Jones also works with grain farmers to develop varieties best adapted to the region. For example, the Bread Lab has released a wheat variety named Skagit 1109 which is the first ever to be released specifically for western Washington and the first variety bred specifically to be used as a whole wheat in over 100 years.
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