Levantia Seed Co.

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Levantia Seed Company
Our guide was Samuele Pellegrini of Levantia Seed Company, who Lane and Josh had met in 2014 when he worked for T&T Seeds and were pleasantly surprised to see again. Samuele took us to visit a Variegata di Castelfranco radicchio field and packing house of Società Agricola Ortopadana Di Camozza in Conselve. The farmer showed us how they pull apart the leaves of Castelfranco heads, loosening them to create a beautiful flower appearance, before selling them which they do by hand (!!) at the packing house – see Cassie holding one and the final product in the green bin. Following the most decadent radicchio-focused lunch which ended with a traditional radicchio cake, we visited variety trial fields with Andrea Ghedina. Andrea was previously a breeder with T&T Seeds who gave Lane and Josh a tour in 2014 and now has his own breeding company, Smarties Bio, and he also works with Levantia. There we were able to see dozens of varieties, landraces and breeding lines growing side by side, including many Rosa (pink) types and ‘Costarosa’ a beautiful Verona type with a red-purple rib.
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