2021 Burroughs Family Farms

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In 1894, Benjamin Burroughs traveled to California from Illinois to find his future in the milk business. Little did he know that his great-grandchildren would still be farming in the twenty-first century, producing and selling organic almonds, olive oil, milk, cheese, and grass-based eggs and meats.%0A​%0AOne hundred years and five generations later, Ward and Rosie Burroughs and we, their grown-up children, continue our family’s farming tradition in the northern San Joaquin Valley near Yosemite National Park. What started out as a small dairy in 1906, is now a full circle collaboration of farms that are family-owned and operated by us kids. Burroughs Family Farms is our collaborative effort to offer hand-raised and sustainably-grown products directly to you while protecting soil and water for generations to come.
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