Variety Showcases

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VARIETY SHOWCASE events are interactive mixers designed to build community among plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, chefs, produce buyers, food journalists, consumers and more. Attendees have the unique experience to taste new and in-development vegetable, fruit and grain cultivars; engage in conversation; share opinions; and take part in breaking down the walls between eaters and breeders. The Variety Showcase is a great opportunity for plant breeders, seed growers and/or agricultural researchers to show their work, collect opinions and use input to guide trajectories in their work. It is essentially a selection event, in itself.

This well-loved event not only brings some of Portland’s best chefs and mixologists together to create outstanding dishes, but also presents plant breeders, seed growers and agricultural researchers with the opportunity to show their work, collect opinions and use input to guide the improvement of quality and taste in vegetables and grains! Since 2014 Variety Showcase events have drawn hundreds of attendees in Portland, OR, Honolulu, HI and New York City, NY and continue to grow in size, scope, and excitement each year.

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