Side Yard Farm

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The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen is a unique urban farmed in the Cully Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It's owned and operated by chef and farmer Stacey Givens. Stacey grows specialty vegetables, herbs and flowers for restaurants and her catering business as well as for the community.

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  • 2017 Seed to Plate Japan
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    Stacey Givens of the Side Yard Farm & Kitchens puts on a shabu shabu hot pot dinner in Kobe with local farmers and local food lovers including Eat Local Kobe (Kobe Farmers Market).
  • 2016 Seed to Plate Tour Japan
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    In Oct 2016 Stacey Givens of the Side Yard Farm and a crew of 6 people gave two Portland-style dinners. The first dinner was in Kobe at Yuge Dairy Farm and the second was at Bistro Damontei in Shiga, Japan. While in Japan, Stacey and her crew visiting local farmers and sourced local ingredients. The Shiga 100 Young Women Farmers invited us on a lotus root harvest. The US delegates included Lola Milholland of Umi Organic Noodles, Corey Schuster of Jackalope Winery, Kara Gilbert and Elaine Walker of Vibrant Valley Farm, and myself.